Our Wholesale Line
We hope you will find the humor in our products intriguing, cheeky and possibly just slightly over the line. The number one goal in our own store is to hear our customers laugh (and laugh ... and sometimes gasp). We hope your customers will enjoy these new products as much as ours do! Contact us for a catalog and samples, or immediately view our online catalog

Our Store in Grand Rapids
We are lucky enough to test new products with our own customers before adding them to our wholesale line – improving designs and weeding out the less popular cards as we have direct conversations (and laughs) with shoppers.  

Grand Rapids, like many other urban areas in the U.S., was deserted in the 1960s during the time of heavy suburban and mall development, but is now becoming revitalized with a new generation. Our city is on the brink of change, as historical buildings are being renovated and new styles of live/work spaces are being constructed. Local businesses and restaurants are popping up everywhere, and shoppers are realizing the importance and uniqueness of local entrepreneurs. 

In fall 2011, one historical building was revamped and converted into a mini shopping mall (The Shoppes at MoDiv) for start-ups and local businesses. 6.25 Paper Studio was one of the first stores to open in the space alongside Wolverine Shoe's new "company store". We were soon joined by other local shops to create a truly unique and valuable shopping experience. 

Our space started small at 350 square feet, and has grown to a 1,600 square foot store with our own office/studio in the back. We carry an array of stationery brands, many of them small, unique companies offering greeting cards, gift books, wrapping and small gifts. Our Michigan-local stars include Lief Design, Gwen Frostic, Freshly Squeezed, Runaway Press, Hazelmade, Worthwhile Paper, Gwyneth Paige, Michigan Awesome, Peninsulas and City Bird. Other lines we carry include Rifle Paper, Snow & Graham, Moglea, Mara-Mi, Izola, Power and Light Press, Mr. Boddington Studio, Chronicle Books, Baggu, Washi Tape, Oh My Word, Sapling Press, Nic Studio and Elum just to name a few!

We started offering crafting and skill workshops in 2014 and host around 10 classes per year. These classes are casual, providing a fun night out with friends to get a little crafty and have some fun while learning a new skill — like book-binding, calligraphy or even how to throw a fun porch party.

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The 6.25 Paper Studio Staff
We are paper people; paper lovers, paper hoarders, paper critics, sometimes even paper whores. perfectly-bound, fabric journals make us cry; thick, recycled papers make us swoon and the smell of a new pencil shipment inspires us to create.

Also, we are really freaking fun to be around!


Abbey Fowler - Owner & Lead designer

Abbey's background is in photography, graphic/layout design and surprising people with her dry, candid sense of humor. As the art director for Great American Publishing, she had the opportunity to work closely with the party and stationery industry. Then, after helping to launch Stationery Trends and the NSS Daily in the spring of 2008, Abbey attended the National Stationery Show and quickly fell in love. Working to start 6.25 Paper, Abbey moved on from Great American in the fall and focused mostly on custom wedding stationery for the first few years before opening a brick-and-mortar store in downtown Grand Rapids in the fall of 2011. Since then – with the help of an amazing staff – the shop has grown in size twice, as has the 6.25 Paper Studio wholesale line, now becoming available all over the US. 

You can read her guest blog posts on the Neenah Paper Blog


Jaimé Johnson - Sales Associate, Sign-letterer, Illustrator and Class Instructor

Jaimé Johnson - Sales Associate, Sign-letterer, Illustrator and
Class Instructor

Susan Scherphorn - Sales Associate, and Stationery Fa-na-tic 

Susan Scherphorn - Sales Associate, and Stationery

Kerianne Sherwood - Sales Associate (when she's not teaching rowdy elementary students)

Kerianne Sherwood - Sales Associate (when she's not teaching rowdy elementary students)